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Traditional Water Care

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The majority of hot tubs not using the ACE Salt Water System, traditionally use Chlorine as the sanitizer. The sanitizer keeps the water clean, clear and safe from bacteria. FYI: 95% of the time, cloudy water is caused by low or no free sanitizer.

The second component to traditional water care is ph. This is, very simply, the comfort level of the water. We want to keep our hot tub’s pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, which matches our skin’s pH, making the water as comfortable as possible. Low pH is acidic which can burn. High pH is basic and can cause dryness.

The third component to traditional water care is Total Alkalinity: This is a buffer to the pH level of your water. pH will always follow the level of total alkalinity. If alkalinity is high or low, it will make balancing pH more difficult as it will be high or low as well. Total Alkalinity is balanced when it measures between 120 and 180.

We recommend that you use test strips to analyze three main qualities of your hot tub water on a regular basis. We also offer free computerized water testing for all of our customers at each of our locations. For more information about traditional water care click here for a troubleshooting guide.

Warning: Improper water chemistry or the use of non-recommended chemicals (for example, chemicals formulated for a swimming pool) may cause severe damage to the spa surface or equipment, which will NOT be covered by the spa warranty.

The ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is the hot tub industry’s only fully-integrated natural spa care system — a system that will save you time, save you money and give you crystal clear, naturally sanitized water!

The ACE Salt Water System Features:
Diamond Technology

The ACE system uses an exclusive diamond electrode that converts regular table salt into 5 different powerful sanitizers and oxidizers such as Active Oxygen and Natural Chlorine. Active Oxygen is a natural oxidizer that helps break down organics and destroy bacteria. It is the first way the ACE system automatically cleans the water and is one of the world’s most effective natural cleaners!

Automated and More Hands-Free

With the automated ACE system, you’ll have more time to enjoy your hot tub! After balancing your water & adding the appropriate amount of salt, just follow the easy-to-navigate menus on the hot tub control panel to set your spa size & expected use level. The control panel displays a status menu to confirm that the ACE system is cleaning your water! It’s that simple!

Environmentally Responsible

Because the ACE system creates the exact amount of cleaners your hot tub requires based what you input for spa size & use level, there are no wasted excess chemicals. Your hot tub water can last much longer between changes than traditional water care systems. This conserves water & saves you money!

Looks, Feels and Smells Great

The ACE System leaves your hot tub water soft & sparkling clean! Natural Chlorine has little to no odor and because it’s generated from just salt & water, it does not irritate the skin or eyes (or fade bathing suits)! Plus Softer water means less corrosion, prolonging the life of your spa and its equipment!!

For more information on ACE including a troubleshooting guide to the ACE system click here

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