Spa Chemicals

SilkBalance Water Care

SilkBalance water conditioner for spas is available in two sizes – 76-ounces (which lasts 4-6 months) and 38-ounces (which lasts 2-3 months). Once your spa water chemistry is balanced, simply add an average of three-four ounces weekly to maintain your More Info »
Price: from $99.95
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Shock Gems by SilkBalance

When it’s time to shock your spa, our Shock Gems are the convenient solution because the tiny one-ounce pods are specially formulated to work in conjunction with the SilkBalance water conditioner. We’ve taken the hassle out of keeping your spa More Info »
Price: $33.95

Clean Start by SilkBalance

Before using SilkBalance for the first time, you should purge the plumbing system underneath your spa with Clean Start to clean away the organic deposits in your plumbing lines that have built up from previous use. This concentrated liquid formula More Info »
Price: $12.99

BaquaSpa Calcium Hardness Increaser

BaquaSpa® Calcium Hardness Increaser Raises spa water to the recommended level of calcium hardness. High purity and low dusting.
Price: $4.49