SilkBalance Water Care

SilkBalance water conditioner for spas is available in two sizes – 76-ounces (which lasts 4-6 months) and 38-ounces (which lasts 2-3 months). Once your spa water chemistry is balanced, simply add an average of three-four ounces weekly to maintain your pH and alkalinity and eliminate the need to buy, store and handle excessive amounts of unnecessary chemicals.

SilkBalance is simple and easy to use and it will leave your water feeling silky, soft and make maintenance a breeze.
SilkBalance also works to neutralize odors, including the harsh chemical smell and feel associated with necessary sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine. Ask us about our Home Auto Ship Customer Loyalty Program and you could save money by having SilkBalance shipped to your doorstep on your schedule.

MSRP: 76-ounce bottle ($189.95)
MSRP: 38-ounce bottle ($99.95)

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